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What You Can Expect To Pay For a Boiler Installation In and Around London

If you live in London or its environs and you are considering installing hot water systems in your residence, then this is the right piece for you. Ideally, the total cost of boiler installation in London, be it an upgrade or a brand new one depends on; the boiler (model & size), the location of your premise, the person who you hire to do the job, and how much work is required.

A flat would require a small boiler compared to a big mansion and most likely an upgrade would cost a little less than a brand new installation.

Here is a quick guide to familiarize you with the different water heating systems at your disposal.

Combination Boilers 

Combination boilers heat the water for immediate use. These are the most convenient for low water consumers. They are also known as combi boilers.

Gravity Fed Heating Systems 

These have a provision for separate hot and cold water cylinders. Due to the changing times, these are not recommended as they consume a lot of space not forgetting the fact that the cold water cylinder in the loft does risk bursting causing water damage. 

Premises with this kind of water systems are advised to upgrade to combi systems which is easier and does free up some space.

Pressure Heating Systems

Like the gravity systems, these too have a separate hot water cylinders. These are also known as unvented systems. They are the most appropriate for large families whose water consumption is relatively higher.

Condensing Boilers

This boiler type steadily produces a significantly small amount of water. They produce a condensed liquid that needs constant and reliable draining. The drainage may be internal which is recommended or external.

To avoid draining challenges, you might need the services of a water drainage expert to offer you advice on the appropriate site for installation should you opt for it.

I would like to believe that I have helped create an impression on the various water heating systems. Well, assuming my believe is actually true, let’s examine some of the approximate real asset cost you need to meet;

Basic Boiler Installation Requirements and Their Costs

A boiler
  Brand new boilers will go for £500-£1600. This price varies according to size and model.
Gas pressure
  Ensure gas pressure is sufficient.
  Unless you are an expert yourself, you need Water Heating engineers and experts who will charge £500-£1200 as labour cost.
Hot Water Cylinders
  This go for about £200 but you have the option of buying higher quality cylinders that are compatible with solar heating. Of course this retail at a higher cost and if you need this, you have to part with approximately £1000.
Filtration System
  A magnetic system is required and it goes for around £110
  Their cost varies on size and their intended location. The cost is between £100 and £180.
Radiator Valves
  An expert may also refer to these as TRVs. You will find them at £30 for each radiator.
Gas Supply Pipe
  Its length depends on the distance between the meter and the boiler.
Boiler Flue
  The recommended quality can be purchased at a cost between £300 and £400. Do not be duped into buying the older types as they do not meet the quality standards and have since been banned owing to safety concerns. In fact, it is advisable to consider upgrading flue arrangements for those who already have water heating systems installed. 
Condense Drain Pipes
  Should you opt for a condensing boiler system, these pipes should not cost you anything beyond £300.
Condense Pump 
  Might be wondering what this is for? Well, it’s not a must have but you might just consider having it just in case you are using the condensing boiler and accessing the drain from the boiler location is challenging.

Tips on How to Settle For a Boiler Installation

Choose the most ideal boiler for you, as you do this remember to put into consideration the demand of hot water at your premises, you wouldn’t want to have to deal with water shortage problems later, right?

After settling for system ‘a’ or ‘b’, liaise with different boiler installers. See if they think the same is suitable for your premises. If you live in rented premises, you might want to talk with your landlord about the installation or repair costs to avoid misunderstanding. 

Compare quotations. Get at least three prospective boiler installers and have them provide you with quotations of the suitable system for you. Do your own comparison of the most convenient and pocket friendly for you. 

Ask around. It doesn’t break a bone to have friends and relatives give their opinions on the recommended brands, but then remember the final decision comes from you, after all, it’s your premise.

As you settle for your heating engineer, go for the one who is gas safe registered. With these ones, you can be guaranteed that you and the people around you are safe around gas emissions.

Lastly, make a choice and go for it, have your system of preference installed!

A good boiler will definitely set you back a several Euros, however with a good technical team it’s worth every single penny. You can Click here to get started on your home heating journey.

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